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The daily grind…………that routine that many of us find ourselves in day in and day out that we repeat daily for that magical paycheck.  “Work” we call it.  One old “Confucius” quote that has some credit is this:  “Choose a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.”  There’s a lesson to be had here although Confucius quotes are not really the path of guidance I’d recommend.  Instead, God has given us all very sound guidance through His word in the Bible.  How do you find your calling in life?  Keep reading.

Do I have a “Calling”?

God has a calling for each of us that is very personalized and specific to us as individuals.  Each of us are created with unique abilities and talents.  While some know at a very early age what we are meant to do the rest of our lives, others of us spend most of our lives trying to determine what our calling is.

Romans 8:28 states – “And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose“.  Think about your daily work.  Knowing that you have a task to perform, somewhere to be at a certain time, and others who depend on your work gives you a purpose, a reason to get up every day.  That “purpose” is what drives you to go back and forth to that same job every day repeatedly.  But is that job your true “calling”?  Your calling gives you a reason, a drive, a purpose for being………you.  When you know your calling, you know what you’re supposed to do.  However, keep in mind (refer back to Romans 8:28) that the calling God has placed on you is not to fulfill a personal gain in your own life, but to fulfil God’s destiny THROUGH you and your life calling.

Yes, we all have a calling in life.  In essence, you do not have to find your calling in life, it will find you.  God himself has given it to you.

God’s Will, Talents and Passions……..a Key Intersection

What is your passion?  What is that one thing that you may love to do as a hobby or just a “fun” thing?  Now, what are you really good at?  These are tough questions simply because a lot of us may not believe we’re good at anything other than what we’ve spent our lives just doing.

My Purpose in LifeNot long ago after writing a company newsletter, several people approached me multiple times stating, “you’re really good at writing”.  I’d never given it a second thought as it was one of those things that I just sort of did.  In my mind, it was really nothing.  But as my faith has grown and I’ve begun to get closer to God, I’ve experienced this “tug” of sorts to write more.  I like to write and others have reinforced me to do so, and after thinking about it more, I could say it is sort of a passion.  So let’s think about this scenario for a moment.

There’s a key intersection to identify here in finding your purpose in life.  Where both your talents and your passion meet God’s Will, you will find your purpose.  All to often many of us find a talent and a passion, but forget God’s Will.  Refer back to that old Confucius saying, “Find a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life“.  While this may be true, it can also be very misleading.What is my calling

Sure, find a job you love, find that intersection where a talent meets a passion, but if it isn’t fullfilling the Will of God, you haven’t found your purpose.

Exodus 9:16 states, “But I have raised you up for this very purpose, that I might show you my power and that my name might be proclaimed in all the earth“.  Bingo!  Here, God is saying you have a purpose that He has given you.  It may be a talent, and since it is from God, you can bet it will be something you love to do.  But further, you are called to use that talent and passion to glorify Him.

Discouragement and Gods Plan… The Tebow Effect

Tim Tebow is quoted as saying; “Mom used to quote Isaiah 64 about waiting on the Lord. It doesn’t mean being complacent. It means understanding that He has a plan, and that we’re not the ones in control. In the meantime, we need to strive to use our gifts and abilities fully“.

Finding your calling in life can be a discouraging and daunting task, especially when you are not in control.  Maybe you’re a college baseball player that has worked hard to get where you are.  You’ve spent your whole young life waiting to take that collegiate field only to get cut from the team.  It’s discouraging, makes you angry and upset.  But ask yourself this; although it may be a passion and you have a talent, is it fulfilling the Will of God?  Tim Tebow is a great example of perseverance even when we think we have that talent and passion business nailed.

Tebow was granted a Division 1 scholarship to the University of Florida where not only was he a talented D1 quarterback, but he won the coveted Heisman Trophy and led the Gators to two BCS National Championships.  Tebow went on to be drafted by the Denver Broncos and even led the Broncos into the NFL Playoffs his first season, seemingly on his way to a stellar career; someone who had found that magical intersection of both talent and passion.  But God had different plans.

After that first year with the Broncos, Tebow was traded to the New York Jets where he’d see only 72 offensive snaps the entire season with the team.  Tebow was released by the Jets after that first season and later signed with the New England Patriots.  After only 12 weeks with the Patriots, Tebow was again released.  He’d later spend another short term with the Philadelphia Eagles also being released after the preseason.

How on earth could a person with collegiate D1 talent and drafted by the NFL come to such a sudden fall?  Or was it a “fall” actually.  After being released by the Jets, Tebow is quoted as saying, “I’m blessed, because of my faith, that I don’t have to worry about the future because I know who holds my future.”  Wow!  THAT is faith.  THAT is encouragement.

Tebow had a talent for the game of football and a passion to play, but was it what God wanted for him?  Was it what God needed him to do in order to fulfill His purpose?  No-one can truly answer that question except Tebow himself as he knows his own inner feelings and what God is telling him.  But obviously, God had different plans for him.  Tim’s faith expressed through his quote above proved that he wasn’t discouraged by his experiences in football, rather he was encouraged in knowing that he was blessed, and that God has his future in control.

Faith – The Struggle Within

What is holding you back?  Tim Tebow could have left the NFL angry and discouraged and allowed the powers of Satan and evil to take over sending him in the negative directions so prominent in todays society.  Instead, he simply expressed his gratitude to the coaches, stated his faith in God, and moved on.  It takes a strong person to do that………and faith.

Where is your intersection?  What is that one thing you’re really good at that you may be taking for granted each and every day?  What is your passion?  And how could you use the two of those together to further the kingdom of God?  Will you allow a discouraging set back to define you and move you further away from your calling?  Or will you use that set back as an opportunity to not only further the Will of God, but find your true happiness in life by navigating yourself to the intersections of God’s Will, your talent, and your passion.

Maybe you know exactly what those things are, but it just seems silly pursue them.  Maybe you feel a tug, a little voice in your head telling you to do something that you actually like to do and are good at, but instead you just ignore it and move on.  Have faith in God.  Trust in Him and turn over your struggles to Him.  Follow that voice, follow that passion, and intersect both of them with your talents.  It’s there, at that intersection that you’ll find your true calling.

God Bless.

4 Replies to “Find Your Calling In Life”

  1. God bless you, John. I am really glad that I stumbled upon this article as it was very helpful to me and I will read it again. I agree with you that we all have a purpose in this world but honestly, it is very hard to find true yourself in this hard time and society. People are forced to do the job they don’t like only to feed his family. I don’t say that God is guilty for that but people are. If we have a strong faith, everything is possible even miracles.

    1. Romans 7:15 – I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do. 

      This pretty much sums it up.  I’ve come to believe that what I want to do, need to do, and can do is what I’m supposed to do, but ol’ Satan does everything he cans to distract me from doing it.  It’s up to us to have faith however that God CAN and WILL make it happen if we’ll just stop trying to take of it ourselves and turn it over to Him.

  2. I am a firm believer in following your wiring. We all have a path to follow and it is usually the path of least resistance.Some people follow the wrong path for all the wrong reasons and that number reason is usually money.It’s like a person that has a passion for dance and applies to Law School because that is what the family expects.Sure they may or may not earn more money but they will never be truly happy.Confucius was right. “Choose a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.”We all have a path to follow 😉

    1. I agree and thanks for the reply.  Confucius is definitely NOT the right reading to follow however.  You can never go wrong with a good old fashioned heavy dose of God and His word in your life though.

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