The Bible is a Guide – It is THE Guide

At some point in all of our lives we find ourselves needing directions. Maybe it is simple directions to guide us to a geographical location we are trying to find, or maybe it is advice, guidance to get us through a tough situation in life.Lost

Either way because we are all human, at some point we will find ourselves needing the guidance from someone or something we feel confident in their ability to actually help us through our predicament and get us from point A (our current situation) to point B (where we wish to be). The Bible is a guide for us all and will help us in, through, and out of ANY situation.

treasure mapYou Have a Map……….Follow It!

The Bible is a perfect map. But it isn’t just a simple map, it is THE map. Imagine this; the creator of all the universe, of everything that ever was, is and ever will be, the one and only God of everything, has a book written with his prescribed words, that tells us everything we need to know to get through life. Everything.

There are no errors in it. There are no misguided wrong turns. There is no bad advice. And there is no reason to question it. IT is HIS precise and exact directions to get us ALL, no matter how simple or complicated our issue is, through whatever it is we are in. The Bible is a guide; It is the perfect road map to get us through any situation we can possible find our way into in life.

I can recall several times in my past when I’ve gotten lost by taking the proverbial “shortcut” that isn’t on the map. You know, because “I know a better way”. Whenever you get yourself into a sticky situation thinking “you have the answer” or “you know what to do”, red flags and warning signs should sound in your head. YOU aren’t that good. Refer to The Map; i.e., The Bible.

Jack Sparrow Got it Wrong

Anyone who has watched the blockbuster movie series Pirates of the Caribbean is familiar with the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow. In the series, Captain Jack keeps a compass close to his side, attached to himself actually.compass for life

Having that compass is a key part of every movie in the Pirates of the Caribbean series as it guides Jack not to true North, but to what he wants most. Imagine the power of a little tool like that. Just flip open your handy dandy “compass of life”, hold it out, and the arrow will point you to the precise direction to get where you want to be most. Sound far-fetched?

Jack Sparrow’s compass was undoubtedly a key to everything Jack did in the series,,,,,,,,,,,,but he got it wrong. Had Jack carried around a Bible and referred to it instead of a wooden compass, things would have turned out much different,,,,,,,,and much better. But then in the world of Hollywood, the Bible isn’t necessarily a popular topic.

In one of the Pirates movies, Jack sold his trusty little compass parting ways with it. Once he did, his life immediately made a turn for the worse. He was arrested, hunted by an infamous pirate slaying Spanish captain, and more. But once he was reunited with the compass, things immediately turned for the better for him.

Think about that for a minute. Have you parted ways with your Bible? Maybe you haven’t even picked it up? Maybe you’re still trying to take those short-cuts and find your own way because you think you’re just that good. I promise you, you’re not.

The Bible is our compass for life. Just flip it open, read it, and use it for your guidance for every part of your life.

Follow Your GPS – Listen to It (or Him)

Sure, maps are outdated. When is the last time you’ve ever reached over into the glove compartment of your vehicle, pulled out a folded map, unfolded it to a size that covers everything in the front of your car, and then tried to follow it……..? OK, I’m dating my age here because the younger generation likely doesn’t even know what that is.the bible

But yes, maps used to be in paper form before the days of talking directions through a GPS on your phone. Nevertheless, The Bible, THE ultimate GPS for life, is now easier than ever to follow! Imagine being lost somewhere, pulling out the GPS, putting in your desired location, and it actually talking you through getting from where you are to where to want to be; telling you step by step by step exactly what to do.

Even better, imagine setting up that GPS BEFORE you get yourself into a lost mess and following it, step by step, right from the beginning of your day or your journey, to keep you from getting lost in the first place.

Does all this sound familiar? For most of us, I’m sure it does. GPS’s for directions are all too common today. But what about a GPS for life in general? The Bible is your GPS for life.

What’s Holding You Back?GPS

For years, I’ve had to commute to work over an hour one way. Sure, there are radio stations with music, news, etc. on every channel. But as I’ve tried more and more to turn my direction towards God and be that person I know I should be, I’ve learned there’s nothing on any of those stations to help me get from point A to the ultimate point B. But my GPS for life, The Bible, can. So every morning as I get in my vehicle, before I pull out of the driveway, I set up my Bible App (GPS), or a pastor I like to listen to, and listen to my directions on the way to work.

With technology making it so easy to get closer to the Bible through listening to the Bible or picking out a favorite pastor and listening to current or past sermons, what’s the hold up? Whether you’re a seasoned Christian, a newcomer, or someone curious about God and Christianity, give it a try. Just a try in order to get the thoughts and questions flowing and start your journey on the correct path.

startNow, It’s Even Easier, So Start TODAY

In today’s world of technology and apps, there is a free bible app that you can download right on your phone and listen to every day. No more excuses!

Stop relying on your own directions and start following the directions of the best and most reliable GPS ever made, The Bible.Free Bible App





6 Replies to “The Bible is a Guide – It is THE Guide”

  1. You’re absolutely right! In the same way that Jesus is not a way but the WAY, the Bible is also not just a guide, it is THE guide. In fact, the acronym B-I-B-L-E stands for:
    Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth

    Sadly, many Christians neglect their Bibles and just let it sit in one corner of their house to gather dust. You are blessed if you are in a country that allows you to open and read your Bible anywhere, anytime. We cannot say the same for the Christians who are living in places where the Bible is prohibited.

    But with the advancement of technology, more and more Christians are switching to e-Bibles. Although I sometimes read the Bible on my ipad, I still prefer a traditional Bible. What about you, what’s your take on this?

    1. Thank you.  I still carry my Bible to church with me although I see others reading on their phone.  I have a Bible app on my phone and listen to it while driving to/from work sometimes.  I combine listening / reading the Bible with sermons I also listen to on my commute.  I’ve found it to be an extremely powerful combination to hear a sermon that gives practical examples along beside the actual reading/listening.  Still, there’s something special about just opening up the book and reading though.  Thank you for your comments.

  2. Hello,

    It’s great to see another Christian website here! I totally agree that the Bible is THE Guide for everything. I mean, it’s really the ultimate guide for every situation of your life. Moreover, the Bible is a lamp at our feet which shows the path we should take at every step. That’s why we should read the Bible for ourselves to get spiritual food and not only listen to Christian programs. Good job!

  3. I so agree with you, the bible is defiantly our life manual.

    I cannot go a day without reading my bible. Without it, I would feel lost in life. I’ve learnt that we do not always have to understand everything that is written, as long as we are open to receive any information that God wants us to know in that moment, then we are never lost.

    I personally like to ready my bible from cover to cover, not like a dictionary! I find that you learn so much this way, as there are so many stories, characters and events that people don’t mention because they aren’t read as commonly as the other well known chapters. All the dots start to connect and it starts to make sense.

    I really enjoyed reading your perspective 🙂

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